• Field Day 2024 Recap

    Field Day 2024 Recap

    Field Day 2024 is in the books. We’re still gathering the logs and photos, but we already know there were some good times and some issues to address. We will get together to discuss what went right and what went wrong so we can move forward next year and make 2025 the best Field Day…

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Who We Are

You are warmly welcomed to the Radio Club of Redmond’s (RCR) Web Site. RCR is a group of ham radio operators and aspiring ham radio operators – an active ham radio license is not a prerequisite for club membership. RCR is Redmond, WA based and proudly draws its membership from Seattle’s Greater Eastside and surrounding areas.

The common bond among the membership is that we are active operators and lifelong amateur radio learners with a diverse set of interests; operating interests span the gamut – SSB, FM, AM, CW and Digital modes and cover the spectrum from 160 meters all the way up to the VHF, UHF and SHF bands. Also, many of our members are adept home-brewers who assemble their own equipment. RCR’s membership is a testament to the phrase “There is something in the hobby for everyone…” and the highlight of our monthly meetings is one or more members sharing a recent ham radio experience.

What We Offer

Whether you are pursuing your first ham ticket, seeking a license upgrade, needing help putting up an antenna or seeking to engage in some hobby-related information exchange – RCR is proud to support your interests in ham radio! We embrace the view that there are no dumb questions, only those that are not asked. We offer a monthly gathering where ham interests/experiences are shared and explored. The common bond among RCR members is that we are all active in the hobby in some way.

One way some of our members stay active is by helping others with antenna installation and tuning. The Antenna Crew has helped many members get their stations on the air, or improve their operations with better antennas.

It is not uncommon for members with like interests to aggregate efforts around a common amateur radio passion and form a loosely structured community. One such example would be the Software Defined Radio (SDR) Special Interest Group (SIG) that draws 20+ attendees to its quarterly gatherings. This community is an active subset of the full club membership.

Meeting Schedule

Where We Are

You are encouraged to attend a monthly meeting as you assess your affinity for the club. We have social meetings on the first Saturday of the month. Our official meetings are held on the third Saturday of the month with the one exception – September. Due to the Salmon Run contest, the September club meeting is held on the second Saturday of the month.

RCR Meeting Logistics –

  • Frequency: Social meetings on the first Saturday of the month. Official RCR meetings on the third Saturday of the month (except Sept which is the second Sat). In July and August there are no official meetings due to the School District being closed for the Summer, however the online social meetings are still on the schedule.
  • Online: Social meetings are online only. Official meetings are hybrid. Zoom information will be provided shortly before each meeting.
  • Start Time: 0830 (for in-person meetings door is open at 0800 until the start of the meeting. Don’t be late!)
  • End Time: 1030
  • Place: Lake Washington School District Resource Center in Redmond Town Center.
  • Address: 16250 NE 74th St, Redmond, WA 98052
  • Room: Sammamish Room on first floor.
  • Parking: Large parking lot on north side of building as well as on-street parking.
  • Room Entry: Go to the front door and someone will let you in.
  • Breakfast: Pick up something for yourself. There is Kitanda Espresso, Starbucks and others nearby.
  • Difficulties: Call John – 425-785-6111.

Here is a birds-eye view of the Lake Washington School District Resource Center where the RCR meetings are held.


Is everyone welcome at the RCR meetings?

Yes! All are welcome. Young or old, if you are interested in the hobby you are welcome. You don’t need to be an RCR member, or even be a licensed ham!

Does the club charge dues?

Yes. Members currently pay $25 per calendar year to cover meeting room rental and other miscellaneous club expenses.

May I visit an RCR meeting to see if it’s for me?

Absolutely! Everyone, licensed hams or not, are warmly welcomed and encouraged to visit any of our meetings or activities.

How can I become a member?

You can email us with your name and callsign if you choose, or just join us at one of our meetings or activities. Our RCR Welcoming Committee (John, W7FU and Howard, W1HMB) will be happy to help get you on the roster. And of course, pay your dues.

Do you have a question not answered here?

No problem. Just email us and well get you an answer straight away.


RCR engages its membership via two communication vehicles – a monthly newsletter and an email distribution list. We are very proud of our monthly newsletter. It is packed with helpful information, technical discussions, member profiles and construction projects.

Please take a moment to experience the quality of the RCR newsletters. Just click here to open or download a sample.

Our active groups.io distribution list is used to share information in a very timely fashion among club members.

Contact Us

Click here to send us an email to request more information.


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