Field Day 2024

Field Day 2024 is fast approaching. Continuing the tradition of years past, RCR will be setting up on June 22 – 23 just east of Redmond in a wonderful open field (The address and a map can be found below). In keeping with the goals of Field Day, our entire site will be running using generator or solar power (no commercial power), and using temporary antennas set up just for Field Day.

We will be operating three different stations for this event, covering three major modes: Phone, CW, and Digital. Each of the stations will be self-contained with all necessary components. All three stations will have inverted Vee antennas, set up just for this event.

The Phone station will be managed by Bill Trippett, W7VP. Bill will be bringing his Icom IC-7300. He has that rigged to use headphones and a footswitch for PTT, but also does have a hand mic. Bill is looking for licensed hams that would like to help operate the phone station. If you have headphones, bring them along and help get the club on the air. Bill is also looking for an assistant station manager, so let him know if you are interested.

John Morris, K7RLD, will be bringing his Yaesu FT-100 station to operate CW. John is also looking for help, so if you have a favorite key or paddles bring them along and join in the fun. Speed doesn’t matter, so if you are interested in learning more and getting some on-the-air experience, John will be happy to help you out. John also needs an assistant, so if you want to give John a hand he would love to hear from you.

Our digital station was new last year, with Mark Galbraith, N7YD, setting up his Yaesu FT-710 to operate FT8, RTTY, and other digital modes. Mark was fairly new to this (as are most of us), but he has learned a lot over the past year. Expect the digital station to be exploring other digital modes of operation. Mark is promising we will even be sending some email over the air using Winlink, so you will want to stop by for that. Kelvin Lin, AI7QC, will be assisting Mark with the digital station.

Thanks to generous donations from club members, dinner on Saturday will be provided by the club. We have burgers and hotdogs, potato and mac salads, and some wonderful cookies for desert. If you would like something other than a burger or dog, bring it along and slap it on the grill.

We have a full program here, but if members are interested in exploring one of the other aspects of Field Day (VHF station, GOTA station, Information Booth, etc.) please let Cy Humphreys, N7PV, know so he can get you included in the overall plan. We had a great time last year, and this year looks to be even better. Now if we can just get some decent propagation.

You can find more details about the operation at our Field Day Plan Page. And if you’d like more overall information about Field Day you can find it on the ARRL website. If you still have questions, bring them out to the field day site. We’ll have lots of helpful folks there to get you the answers you seek.

Field Day Location:

23802 NE 140th St
Woodinville, WA

What Three Words location key: ///elated.sprinkling.bucked

This is a private residence, please visit the site during Field Day activities, and not before or after. Thanks.

When approaching the site, go up the driveway for 23802 NE 140th St. At the split about 50 yards up the driveway take the right hand fork. Go past the barn (road on the left side) and you should see the site. Park along the tree-line and enjoy the festivities.